Meets all your needs to scale and sustain inclusion

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Meets all your needs

Whether you are just get started with diversity and inclusion, or looking to enhance and scale up your existing programs, E-Challenge can work for you:

Large Scale Learning

Deploy E-Challenge to your entire workforce to raise awareness and drive new conversations about applying inclusion.

Embed and Sustain

One-off workshops don’t build inclusive leaders. E-Challenge gives longevity and consistency to your inclusive leadership programs

Cascade Inclusion

Empower leaders to build inclusion in teams through regular microlearning and conversations with their teams about how they can be more inclusive.

Targeted Development

Choose the right learning for the right audience: help recruitment teams counteract bias, innovation teams leverage diversity of thought, and sales teams increase customer inclusion.

See how E-Challenge can work for you

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Enterprise or SME Solution

E-Challenge works if you are a small company wanting to take your first steps to address diversity and equality, or a large sophisticated enterprise who wants to take inclusion to the next level, at scale

E-Challenge for SME

  • Start the conversation about diversity and inclusion
  • Address compliance topics and inclusion foundations
  • No other software required
  • Accessible pricing and ready to go immediately

E-Challenge for Enterprise

  • Ensure everyone at every level is talking about and acting on building inclusion
  • Focus on advanced inclusion topics
  • Integrates easily with your Learning Management System
  • Scale pricing and fully customisable