Everyone Included

E-Challenge is a gamified learning platform that empowers you to build inclusive behaviours at a scale
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Everyone Included

Build more innovative and higher performing teams through inclusive behaviours

The research is clear that inclusive teams deliver the best results. E-Challenge provides the most comprehensive library of inclusion and diversity content to help your teams realise the potential of their diverse backgrounds and thinking styles.

Engaging Learning

A compelling gamified interface combined with a wide range of compelling microlearning modules provides the best inclusion learning program available

Anyone, Everywhere

Easy LMS integration, mobile interface, complete accessibility and microlearning format means you can scale inclusion to your entire workforce

Change Behaviours

Inclusive culture and leadership are not delivered in a day. E-Challenge provides consistent and ongoing learning, practical tools and measurement to sustain real changes.

Better Results

By using E-Challenge to build inclusion, you can expect more engaged, innovative and higher performing teams, and better outcomes for all diverse employees.

Leading companies across the globe use E-Challenge

“Our people, including our leaders, have enjoyed the interactive game aspect, the high quality content, and the fact that it feels like a really different way for people to reflect on and learn about inclusion and diversity. In addition, many have commented on its practical nature and efficient use of their time.“

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Clayton Utz

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